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What is My Wishlist?
My Wishlist is a convenient way for you to save a reminder of an item you would like to purchase later, or if you would like to send a list of products you'd like to friends and family, perhaps a birthday list!

How do I add items to My Wishlist?
To add an item to My Wishlist, just click the "Add to Wishlist" button for any item that interests you. The "Add to Wishlist" button appears next to the "Add to Bag" button in the product info pages.

Can I add "out-of-stock" items or "coming-soon items"?
Yes. You can add any item you choose to My Wishlist

How do I view My Wishlist?
My Wishlist may be viewed at any time by clicking the link found in the top navigation

How do I move My Wishlist items to my Shopping Bag?
To move My Wishlist items to the Shopping Bag, click "Add to Basket" underneath the item on the My Wishlist main page and voila! The item is moved to your Shopping Bag.

How do I remove items from My Wishlist?
To remove items from My Wishlist, click "Delete" underneath the item on the My Wishlist main page of the item(s) you would like to remove.

Can I make My Wishlist available to others?
You can email your wishlist to friends & family by visiting the My Wishlist main page, and entering their email address(es) into the 'send your wishlist to a friend' box.