Friend of Mine
customer comments

Super fast delivery. Took two days to get to Perth. Can't wait to try on my overalls when I get home! Thank you x

Lauren, Perth 26/06/2014
LOVE the website- your clothes are amazing!

Melissa, Sydney 16/10/2011
Quick international postage & amazing customer service! Love my new hustler dress and can't wait to wear it throughout spring/summer!!

Yvonne, California 29/03/2014
Im absolutely obsessed with my new jacket. Im wearing it out tonight!

Harley, Nowra 08/06/2010
Love my Winona Dress in Snow Leopard Print. Perfect for any occasion I'm going to build up my collection for sure. Thank you!!!!!

Sarah, Melbourne 25/11/2011
Can't get enough of the leather pieces!

Caroline, Belfast 20/05/2013
prompt delivery & stunning clothes brings a smile to my face! love, love, love my Brenda bodysuit

Emma, Melbourne, Australia 16/06/2011
Super fast shipping, beautiful garments, tailored to perfection! I will be wearing my Cadillac Jacket for a verrrry long time. xxx

Rosie Moss, Fremantle 22/08/2012
I'm absolutely impressed by your style and the collection! Check out my fashion blog newrow with a whole article about this amazing brand! I hope you'll like it!

Monja, Germany 22/08/2012
Great customer service and super speedy delivery. I ordered the wrong size duh my fault, thanks for fixing it up for me so fast!

Jen, Freemantle 13/04/2010
Just received my Gunslinger dress in the mail! It was wrapped up beautifully along with a hand written note on what to wear with it! Thanks so much!

Anouska, Prahran 31/05/2012
Loved my FOM purchase, was really impressed with the service! Thanks team, will be shopping with you again soon x

Elle, Perth, Australia 13/08/2013
I Love my new Rodrigo dress!! Im wearing it today in my blog! Thank You!!!

Cristina, Spain 09/08/2012
Loved my ziggy skirt purchase and the cute note that came too! :)

Paige, Melbourne 27/12/2012
Wow, logged on this morning and by this afternoon my new FOM dress is "sent via express mail and account transaction completed"! This is on top of the 10% discount I received for joining the FOM mailing list! Highly impressed by the service of the FOM team :) Cheers!!

Chelsea, Wollongong 09/11/2011
I'm obsessed with my new Thunder Down Overalls! So adorable and easy to wear. I love this brand!! xoxo

Ansley, San Francisco, CA 15/05/2014
Fabulous customer service - excellent communication regarding an exchange. Love your products!

Rebecca, Brisbane 18/06/2011
Been noticing your stuff around the shops and web for a few years, my loss that I never checked your actual site out until now. Bravo on the beautiful clothes you're making. Check out my review of your awesomeness on

Saachi D., California, CA 12/02/2013
You can't go wrong with Friend of Mine! Classic pieces with a modern edge all perfectly tailored from quality materials. Always impressed!

Libby, Sydney 06/02/2013
Really excited for the weekend! Can't wait to wear my Friend of Mine! x

Annie, Sydney 22/07/2011
I sincerely love your brand, is the coolest collection I have seen lately and trust me that I have seen quite a lot

naiara, london 16/10/2012
Wonderful customer service, speedy delivery & it is always nice to get a personalised postcard. Just lovely, this is why I love Friend of Mine! Thank you :) I adore my Edward Shorts! The best!

Lauren, Auckland 25/09/2012
Ooooh i absolutely LOVE this website. So many things to choose from. Thanks!

Holly Andrews, Sydney 31/01/2010
Telling all my friends about Friend of Mine. Just love your clothes

Jesse, Manly 01/02/2010
I just wanted to say a big thankyou for your amazing customer service! Really appreciate it xxxx

Courtney, Sydney 26/09/2014
Wanted to write a quick email to say thank you for my recent order. Arrived today and I just love it. Looking forward to shopping on your website again.

Jenny Taylor, Sydney 01/02/2010
Love it

Rachel, Strathmore 21/10/2013
Can always rely on FOM to deliver the goods! the one brand I love every piece, think I've bought everything on the website! Thanks LM & TT you babes x

Hannah, Fremantle 22/07/2014
Just can't get enough of my Hogan Scarf! Telling all my friends to go and get one themselves!!

Sally, Melbourne 23/05/2011
Bought a gift for a friend in the United States and they jsut got it, thanks for keeping me updated. Excellent customer service.

Kelly, United States 08/06/2010
I got the black rocketman and tarzan pink panther skirt. I didn't know you could fall in love with clothing but I sure have. Best items in my wardrobe XxX

Leah Werjutina, Perth 16/11/2012
Thank you again for the amazing Verushka dress! Not only is the design fab! But the FOM team helped me so much with my crazy request! I can't thankyou enough :)

Lily, Melbourne 12/12/2013
love this website! so fast! great service

breigh mccall, albury 14/08/2012
Friend of Mine is my favourite shop and is so classy but sexy . They use the best of the best materials and has the best quality! Will buy again soon! xxx

Chloe, Sydney 20/12/2013
Great customer service, and super quick postage. I love my new shoes!!!

Hannah, Adelaide 16/08/2011
above and beyond customer service, delivery & the garmets are beyond anything else ive ever worn, amazing. my favourite new online shopping destination.

caitlin, newcastle 15/11/2012
I absolutely love this brand! Such great inspiration //

Danielle, Los Angeles, CA 21/01/2014
Best website!!! 5 star service, staff KNOW their clothes!!! So Friendly and quickest deliveries I've ever had....Special mention to Brittany for looking after me! xx

Sandy, Sydney 20/02/2013
Always creating the best wardrobe staples, I can't live without them no matter where I am..

Clover, Cottesloe, Western Australia 06/03/2014
Always amazing service! never dissapoints... Friend of mine rocks it every time Thank you!

Nicola Govey, Brisbane 10/04/2013
Fantastic service, so quick and absolutely love my skater pants.

Julie Hunter, Tinana 13/09/2013